What are some of the most powerful messages that came from Our Lady of Kibeho during the apparitions?  There were literally thousands of messages that were given, but sadly most of those were lost during the genocide.  The ones we were left with, however, capture the beauty and simplicity of the Virgin Mary and paint a picture as to how God wants us all to live.

For example, in one message, Our Lady said this to visionary Anathalie: “I speak to you, but you do not hear Me. I want to lift you, but you remain down. I call you, but you turn a deaf ear. When will you do what I ask of you? You remain indifferent to all My appeals. When will you understand? When will you take interest in what I want to say to you? I give you signs, but you remain incredulous. How long will you turn a dead ear to My appeals?”

In another message, Our Lady tried to prevent the impending genocide: ““I speak to you who hold power, and who represent the nation: save the people, instead of being their torturers. Don’t rob the people; share with others. Be careful not to persecute, to muzzle those who want to denounce your errors. I say it to you, I repeat it, whatever you do, even though you try everything to harm somebody because he loves his fellow men, defends human rights, fights for the respect of the life of others, and for the truth and all that is good, and even because he fights so that God may be loved and respected, whatever you do, you can do nothing against him.”

There were many other powerful messages.  Search around on the internet or within Immaculee Ilibagiza’s books to find them.  What are some of your favorites?

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